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Over the past decade and thousands of projects, all exclusively in a business-to-business (B2B) context, we’ve explored pretty much every issue a business like yours might encounter. However, we’ve particularly strong expertise in the four areas below. Why not take a peek to see our approach, work and thinking.

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We deliver research which makes a difference

We helped Microsoft build their mobile device business by tracking brand perceptions.

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"Our brand tracking study is an invaluable management tool. Not only does it provide critical performance metrics, Circle couple that with clear and practical guidance on how to strengthen our brand"

We helped Gattaca to identify the optimum brand architecture for their group.

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“Circle is an excellent partner. They have a very strong understanding of branding in B2B environments"

We segmented the market based on behaviours, needs and attitudes for foreign exchange powerhouse, Moneycorp.

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“These are emotional messages. I have never seen any competitor do this before.”

We measured campaign effectiveness and gave Citrix clear guidance on how to boost performance.

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"Circle’s work has been invaluable in boosting our campaign’s impact and evaluating the ROI."

We created the award-winning Perspectives thought leadership series for Vodafone.

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The result has been several million in incremental sales revenue and an ROI of >8,000%.

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