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Knowledge is power

By Andrew Dalglish -

Here’s a positive voice amongst the gloom.  Recession is about change and with change comes opportunity.  Marketing is no exception to this.  The change?  As marketers seek more immediate ROI there has been a clear shift of focus from brand building to sales based activities such as lead generation.  The opportunity?  To adopt a new approach which makes you stand out more than ever.

On this point I was recently discussing the role of research in lead generation with Lindsay Willott of The Marketing Practice.  The roles can be seen in full on Lindsay’s blog but here are three questions you might like to consider when planning your next campaign.

  • Do you fully understand who makes decisions about your product and how?   Often the presumed ‘decision maker’ really just follows someone else’s recommendation.  You can dramatically improve your success rate if you know who really drives supplier choice and their hot buttons
  • Are you able to open the discussion by talking about them not you?  Prospects are much more likely to sit up and take notice if you share information of value.  Insights into their market, into how their brand is perceived or a new opportunity.  Only then do you earn the right to talk about how you can benefit them
  • Are you farming the customers you already have?  Often suppliers are pigeon holed.  Worse still, they rarely seek more business.  Here’s three simple questions you should ask every key account.  Do you know about all the services we offer?  What would make you buy more from us?  Who else in your organisation should we be talking to?

So let’s view the current turbulence as an opportunity and knowledge our most important ally. Find out more about Circle Research’s B2B marketing services here.

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