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Shape the B2B Barometer

By Andrew Dalglish -

The B2B Barometer has been a consistent feature of the B2B landscape since 2009.  Now it’s evolving and you can shape its future.

The B2B Barometer was designed as a ‘state of the nation’ study.  At a macro-level this gives a measure of our industry’s health and reveals key trends.  At a micro-level it gives you a sense of how your approach to marketing compares to that of your peers.

To do so the B2B Barometer uses an online survey to ask client-side B2B marketers eight questions:

  1. How confident are they in their organisation’s economic outlook?
  2. What are their most important marketing goals?
  3. What are the most significant marketing challenges they face?
  4. What are the most important trends they see in the world of B2B marketing?
  5. What is their organisation’s annual spend on marketing (in absolute terms and as a percentage of turnover)?
  6. Is their marketing budget up, down or static compared with the previous 12 months?
  7. What percentage of their budget is allocated to different marketing channels, e.g. PR, telemarketing?
  8. How do they expect that the allocation of budget to each channel will change over the coming 12 months?

The next wave of the survey is set to go live in March, but before then we think it’s time to take a fresh look.  The study was created by the B2B marketing community, for the B2B marketing community.  So it’s yours, and this is your chance to shape it.

In essence the Barometer has two goals.  First, to give everybody a point of comparison for their marketing activity.  Second, to identify the challenges faced by the marketing community so that trade bodies which support the study (The BMC and IDM) can help to address these.  With these goals in mind, maybe you feel the eight information areas above are spot on and we should keep things just as they are.  Or perhaps you feel there are some gaps which need filling – questions which if answered would provide you with a useful comparator or help to benefit the whole marketing community.  Either way, let us know and we can evolve the Barometer (or leave it just as it is) based on the feedback of the whole community.

Let us know using the comments box below, by tweeting to me @circle_research or by emailing me at andrew.dalglish@circle-research.com.

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