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The Cobbler’s Shoes

By Andrew Dalglish -

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In his latest blog for the Market Research Society’s news and insight hub Research Live, Circle Research’s Andrew Dalglish explores why research agencies should carry out research for their own benefit as well as clients’ …

Ever heard the saying that ‘the cobbler’s children have no shoes’? The cobbler is so focused on everyone else’s shoes that he doesn’t think to use his expertise for the benefit of his own family.

Research agencies are a bit like that. If you work for an agency, take a look at your own metaphorical shoe rack. How often do you conduct research for the benefit of your company rather than clients? And if you do any, do you do so with the frequency and rigour that you’d advocate to paying clients?

So what’s on your shoe rack – a pair of Jimmy Choos, a tatty old pair of boots or nothing at all? If you’re unhappy with what you see, then there are three broad types of research which you might think about doing…

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