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Tapping into emotions in the B2B buying process

By Andrew Dalglish -

Shock!  B2B buyers are people.  Seems obvious, right?  Yet marketers often treat B2B buyers as automatons making careful, logical and completely rational decisions during the buying process.  That’s simply not the case as B2B buyers are influenced by their emotions too.

As a B2B marketer you can use this to your advantage by tapping into the emotional dimensions of decision making.  The first step in this respect is to identify the relevant emotions at play in you market.  Common emotions you’re likely to come across are (click to enlarge image):

B2B buying journey emotions


Having identified the most relevant and influential emotions, you can then shape your marketing activity to tap into them.  Affinity important in your market?  Then create a strong sense that you’re ‘one of us’ and ‘on my wavelength’.  Does confusion seem to define decision making? Then make it as easy as possible for buyers to choose your product or service.  Or perhaps buyer anxiety is high?  Then seek to allay their fears and give them confidence that you’re the safe choice.

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