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Five B2B marketing predictions that will come true in 2018

By Andrew Dalglish -

Everyone’s a futurologist at this time of year and most of them spout complete bollocks. From their high horses they tell you where you need to be focusing your energy and budgets in 2018 lest you’re left behind. The source of their wisdom? Usually a combination of their own narrow experience, what they’ve been reading recently and a Google search on what others are predicting (safety in numbers you see).

Here’s a thought. How about we base our predictions on hard data and real-world behaviour rather than theories.

That’s exactly what Circle did with our friends at B2B Marketing. In November/December 2017 we surveyed 350 B2B marketers and asked them to indicate how focused they were on 14 different trends right now. They did so using a sliding scale where 100 represented an all-consuming focus on that activity and zero indicated that it wasn’t even on their radar. We’ll be tracking how this focus changes over time to reveal which trends are becoming main-stream, those rising up the agenda and those which were always just fads.

B2B marketing trends 2018

The B2B Marketing Trend Tracker reveals that five trends will become mainstream in 2018, with the majority of B2B marketers investing considerable time and money into them as we speak:

  1. Improving the customer experience
  2. Implementing/optimising Marketing Automation systems
  3. Preparing for GDPR
  4. Adopting an Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach
  5. Creating marketing campaigns which build emotional engagement

If that’s your focus too, then you might be interested in some of the resources below.

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