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Develop and price your products

Circle will help you to put the customer at the heart of innovation.  We support B2B brands like yours by:

  • Identifying core customer needs and outcomes to innovate against
  • Involving the customer in the idea generation process
  • Obtaining customer feedback on new concepts
  • Identifying the optimum pricing model and point, then forecasting demand
  • Informing the product launch by identifying compelling messages and the best sales & marketing strategy

Over the past decade we’ve supported dozens of leading B2B brands such as Vodafone, Maersk and Mastercard in their product and service development activity.  We’d love to discuss how we could support you – get in touch  and let’s have a chat about how we can fuel your innovation process.  Or if you’d like to learn more about the thinking which guides our approach first, click on any areas of interest below.


B2B new product development and service research

Through a programme of primary research we’ll help you to enhance your current product or service portfolio and successfully bring new ideas to market by:

  • Identifying gaps in the market or your current offering
  • Facilitating co-creation with your customers and prospects
  • Evaluating and identifying enhancements to new concepts you’ve generated
  • Identifying the best pricing strategy and forecasting demand
  • Developing the optimum sales and marketing strategy to support launch

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B2B pricing strategy research

Through a programme of primary research we’ll identify:

  • The impact of different pricing models on demand
  • Levels of price sensitivity and what justifies a price premium
  • The specific price point which will maximise sales and/or revenue
  • How adoption levels are likely to change in response to shifts in price

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Ericsson, a manufacturer of telecoms infrastructure equipment, had seen its market undergo radical change.  Telecoms used to be about voice calls, but now smart phones meant it was all about data and content.  Mobile operators wanted their customers to be streaming video, downloading music and surfing the internet.  Fixed line operators had reinvented themselves as quadruple-play providers of phone, broadband, internet and TV.

Ericsson needed to ensure that they remained relevant in this new environment.  They took several commercial steps to do so including a number of acquisitions which provided new technological capabilities.  This saw three key brands being added to the Ericsson portfolio – Redback, Tandberg and LHS.

Whilst these acquisitions created a strong proposition, something was missing – a brand to hold it all together.  Not a brand in the sense of a visual identifier.  It had already been decided that the new entity was going to adopt the Ericsson identity.  But a brand as in the associations the ‘new’ Ericsson’ should trigger in the target market’s mind; its meaning.

So Ericsson turned to their long-term research partner Circle Research.

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