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Circle helps you to put the customer at the heart of your brand and marketing strategy.  We support B2B brands like yours by:

  • Identifying the optimum brand positioning – one which is resonant, unique and authentic
  • Tracking brand perceptions and ownership of this position over time
  • Gaining the customer view on brand identity decisions – the optimum naming architecture, logo and strapline
  • Identifying compelling marketing messages and the best marketing channels to use
  • Creating research-led thought leadership content

Over the past decade we’ve informed the brand and marketing activity of dozens of leading B2B brands such as Wiley, Ericsson and Citrix. We’d love to discuss how we could support you – get in touch and let’s to discuss how we can help boost your marketing ROI. Or if you’d like to learn more about our expertise first, then we’ve shared selected case studies here and outlined the thinking which guides our approach below (click on the areas which interest you to expand).

Brand Development Research

Through a programme of primary research we’ll:

  • Probe the conscious and sub-conscious to uncover your brand signature
  • Identify the ideal signature – one which is compelling, differentiated and credible
  • Ensure this signature matches the internal point-of-view so it can be lived day-to-day

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B2B brand tracking research

Through a programme of primary research we’ll:

  • Monitor your brand funnel – awareness, consideration and preference
  • Reveal how your brand and competing brands are really perceived
  • Quantify brand performance against the Brand GPS™ framework

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Brand architecture and naming research

Taking a customer-centric view is critical to any decision about brand architecture.

We’ll help you choose the right path you need to understand how each brand in the family is perceived by identifying:

  • How prominent each brand in the family is
  • The level of positive sentiment felt towards each brand
  • What each brand ‘means’ to the target market (and the resonance of this)
  • The relationship the target market sees between the brands
  • Reactions to different potential brand architectures

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B2B logo testing and brand identity research

Through a programme of primary research we’ll identify:

  • How the target market reacts to different logo, strapline or identity options
  • The messages conveyed by each of the options
  • Potential revisions to optimise impact

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B2B marketing communications and advertising research

Through a programme of primary research we’ll help your marketing campaigns to cut-through and make a bigger impact by:

  • Identifying the optimum marketing channels and
  • Testing marketing and advertising materials
  • Measuring campaign impact

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B2B thought leadership and PR research

We’ll help you to become a leader in your sector by:

  • Mapping the information landscape to identify a resonant, unique angle
  • Conducting primary research which adds fresh energy to the debate
  • Using our in-house writers to turn research insights into engaging, hard hitting content
  • Working with your PR and marketing agencies to maximise reach

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Bureau de change. Exchanging one currency for another. As commodity markets go, this is as pure as they come. After all, the ‘product’ itself, money, is literally identical between suppliers. Unsurprising then that ‘zero commission, great rates’ is the deafening cry from the numerous competing providers seeking to attract custom from travellers.

The challenge of somehow transcending this purely price-driven marketing strategy was one which Moneycorp, an operator of bureau de change, had been considering for some time.

Can we meaningfully differentiate in a largely commoditised environment?

Or are we better to lead a ‘race to the bottom’ and compete on price as is the traditional approach?

Answers to these questions were required urgently. Moneycorp had ambitious plans to grow its business and competitive pressures were increasing with alternative channels such as online bureaux and ATMs steadily gaining presence.

Moneycorp needed an edge; a new angle. At this point, they turned to Circle Research to help explore what really drives customer choice. The result is a fundamentally different way of viewing the market and a series of bold, precisely targeted marketing communications.

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