Circle is an expert in B2B logo testing and brand identity research. Through a programme of primary research we’ll identify:

Based on these insights we’ll then make clear recommendations on the optimum route.

Over the last decade, we’ve supported dozens of world-leading B2B brands when developing their logo and brand identity. Brands like PA Consulting, Standard Life and Nestle Professional.  We couple this extensive experience with an intimate understanding of brand identity strategies in B2B markets and a suite of smart techniques which probe far beyond the superficial.

The result is research which makes a real difference.

Guiding principles

Logos evolve. You might be developing a new logo from scratch, refreshing an existing logo or more radically adapting your current logo. However, regardless of the situation the same core principles still apply. The logo needs to:

  • Follow certain design principles, e.g. versatility of use
  • Have the desired impact on the target market

What impact should a logo have? Well, the chosen design should:

  • Be distinct – stand out from the crowd and be something you can own. This will signal that “we’re different” and help you to cut through the noise
  • Be appropriate for your sector and target audience. This will ensure that your brand is seen as different but still relevant and credible
  • Be in line with your brand positioning – say the things you want it to say about you. This will support your wider brand building activity
  • Use aesthetics to trigger positive feelings. This will help to build positive sentiment towards your brand

Often a logo will be coupled with a strapline which quickly sums up key information about a brand. Typically, this strapline will take one of two formats (and sometimes both):

  • A descriptor – what the brand does
  • A positioning – what the brand is all about, e.g. values, USP

And just like a logo, the strapline needs to have the right impact on the market. It needs to be:

  • Understood. This will ensure the message has the potential to stick
  • Resonant. To appeal it needs to speak to the markets’ needs and wants
  • Credible. The market needs to believe the statement to be true
  • Memorable and unique. This will help you to own the statement

A brand owner or design team cannot judge the impact of a logo or a strapline – only the target market can do so.  As such, any logo or strapline development activity needs to be supported by research amongst and insights into the target market.

B2B logo testing and brand identity research

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We identified the winning logo re-design for management consultant, PA Consulting.

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“Circle did a great job. They engaged our hard-to-reach target market and helped optimise the logo design.”

We assessed the potential of a new service, Flight Profile Monitor (FPM), for air traffic control provider NATS.

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The result was a service designed to build customer relationships rather than NATS’ revenues, and the AOA’s Best Environmental Initiative award.

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