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Understand your target market

Certain fundamental insights into your target market are critical when making strategic decisions.  Circle will help to guide your market entry strategy, shape your proposition and win more business by:

  • Identifying the market size, structure and trends
  • Mapping the buying journey – who makes buying decisions and how
  • Segmenting buyers based on behaviours, needs and attitudes
  • Auditing wins and losses to uncover the secrets of success

Over the past decade we’ve helped dozens of leading B2B brands such as Microsoft, Maersk and REXEL in these areas. We’d love to discuss how we could support you – get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can help to uncover these critical insights into your market.  Or if you’d like to learn more about the thinking which guides our approach first, click on any areas of interest below.

Map the market structure and profile competitors

Using a mixture of primary and secondary sources we’ll:

  • Define the market you’re in and direct and indirect competitors
  • Profile buyers – their firmographic make up and hot spots of
  • Size the market, identify key segments and growth patterns
  • Calculate your own and competitor market share
  • Profile competitors – operations, financial performance, offer, positioning and reputation

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B2B buying process and behaviour research

Through a programme of primary research we’ll:

  • Map out the typical customer journey followed in your market and the critical steps
  • Identify any key customer segments where the journey
    deviates from the norm
  • Pinpoint who you need to influence and how best to do so (channels and messages)
  • Uncover the true drivers of supplier choice

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Segment based on behaviors, needs & attitudes

We’ll help you to take a more focussed approach to your target market by:

  • Identifying a behavioural, attitudinal and needs based segmentation
  • Sizing and valuing each segment
  • Revealing the ideal proposition, positioning and message for each segment
  • Communicating segments in a way which your colleagues engage with and act on
  • Embedding the segmentation into your systems and processes

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B2B lost sales research

Through engagements with recent wins and losses, we’ll reveal what goes on behind closed doors. We’ll:

  • Map the different buying journeys and reveal how to influence them at each stage
  • Identify the key players, what makes them tick and the group dynamic
  • Identify key decision criteria, both conscious and unconscious, and their relative weight
  • Detail what made them choose the supplier they did and reject others
  • Assess, from a prospects view, how your organisation performed during the process
  • Identify key areas to improve and elements to emphasise in future opportunities

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