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Case studies

Choosing a research partner is tough because you’re buying an intangible. It’s impossible to see the research findings before they exist, or to understand if the experience will really live up to expectations.

So the bottom line is, you have to go with your gut instinct. Will the partner you choose deliver genuine, commercially focused insights or just another dull research presentation? And will they have credibility with your colleagues? Or even worse, will the impressive Director who convinced you in the first place disappear and leave you with the junior team as soon as the project has been won?

You need to go on the experience of other clients who have already seen the end result. The typical Circle client has worked with us on more than four projects and we’re pleased to share some case studies from our award-winning work here. We hope these will bring some of our projects alive in a way that is impossible by just talking about what we do.

Understand your target market

  • Map the market structure and profile competitors   
  • Map the buying journey and drivers of supplier choice
  • Segment based on behaviors, needs & attitudes
  • Identify the reasons for wins and losses

Develop and price your products

  • Generate and test new product and service concepts
  • Identify the optimum pricing model and point

Manage your brand and marcomms

  • Identify the optimum brand positioning
  • Track and manage brand perceptions
  • Manage brand and naming architecture
  • Test logo and strapline concepts
  • Optimise marcomms
  • Support thought leadership and PR
  • Identifying compelling marketing messages and the best marketing channels to use

Enhance your customers' experience

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty