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Category: Develop and price your products

  1. What system 1 and 2 thinking mean for B2B marketers

    By Andrew Dalglish -

    A clever chap called Daniel Kahneman has a theory.

    When making decisions there are two systems in our mind which influence the outcome.  System 1 works at a sub-conscious level without us knowing it.  Using intuition and beliefs about how the world works, it makes a rapid assessment of the situation then quickly settles on a course of action.  In contrast, system 2 works at a conscious level.  Using deliberative reasoning and logic, it carefully evaluates the situation before reaching a conclusion.

    In everyday life we rely mostly on system 1 to effortlessly make decisions, but occasionally system 2 is called in.  This happens in complex scenarios, when the situation is new or when system 2 suspects that system 1 may have reached the wrong conclusion.

    Now, what does all this mean for B2B marketers?

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  2. Finding the pricing sweet spot

    By Andrew Dalglish -

    Perhaps unsurprisingly in the current climate, marketers are increasingly looking at price and pricing mechanisms as a means of obtaining competitive differentiation.  But there’s a lot more to price than simply being the cheapest.  It should ideally reach the optimum price point or ‘sweet spot’.  It must be perceived as fair.  But especially in today’s conditions it must clearly reflect and communicate value.

    Of course there are many alternative approaches to pricing research, but we take a very straightforward view.  Price is really only determined by one thing – what the buyer is prepared to pay.

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