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How we do it

Our mission is to uncover hidden truths about your target market and help you translate these into marketing and commercial success. We’re good at it. Ask Randstad who grew their market share by 77% or Vodafone who saw an 8,000% ROI.

How do we achieve results like these?

Well, clients say that we’re a research agency who doesn’t behave like a research agency. That’s because we take a consultative approach and always see the research as simply a means to an end – your business success. Our approach is tailored to every client and situation, but a typical engagement looks something like this.

We’ll begin by immersing ourselves in your business and learning it inside out. As part of this we’ll work with you to define the business issue being addressed and what a successful outcome looks like. With the issue provisionally defined, we’ll engage your internal stakeholders to get their input, capture their expertise and secure their buy-in.

Then comes the research bit. We’ll design a research programme which uncovers deep insights into the issue and identifies exactly what the business response should be. Our approach here is methodology neutral and led by only one consideration – what’s the best way to explore the issue at hand? This means that we’re skilled in multiple techniques including qualitative research (focus groups and in-depth interviews), quantitative research (online surveys and telephone surveys), advanced statistics and secondary research.

Our B2B expertise means that we can access and engage ‘hard to reach’ audiences in this research. Whether that’s CIOs or HR Directors, engineers or lab technicians, you name a job role and we’ve probably interviewed them. Our in house resources and best-in-class partner network allows us to deliver this globally, all to stringent ISO20252 standards. In fact, we’ve conducted research in more than 100 countries and 90% of our projects have an international scope.

Finally, we turn these insights into an engaging, action focused story brought to life through creative communication techniques. In doing so our consultants use their background in business, strategy and marketing to draw commercially sound conclusions and provide solid recommendations. Then we’ll work with you to cascade the insight across the business and inspire people to act on it.

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Premier Farnell

Circle helped Premier Farnell to identify the optimum pricing strategy for its delivery service.  The research drove changes which are estimated to have reduced supply chain costs by 20%, created an annual saving of several million pounds and the approach is now used in Cranfield Management School’s MBA programme as a case study of best practice.

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