Every four weeks we here at @circle_research find the most popular Tweets about market research (#mrx in Twitter talk) and take a look at what’s hot.

What do surveys and Bollywood have in common?

This month saw an unusual collision of two worlds.  The #mrx hashtag saw a leap in popularity with more than 20,000 tweets in the month.  “Finally”, I thought, “research is quite a cool industry to be in”.  But my joy was short-lived (although I still maintain that research is cool).  It turns out that our beloved hashtag had been adopted by Bollywood fans to discuss the hotly anticipated new film Mr. X.

Perhaps one day Bollywood will make a movie about the research industry, but for now we’ll need to entertain ourselves.  So to the most popular #mrx (not to be mistaken with #MrX) tweets of the month.

And in first place…@esoGOV

Topping the bill was ESOMAR Government Affairs (@esoGOV).

ESOMAR tweetOK, stop sniggering at the back there.  I admit privacy isn’t as exciting as Mr. X but it is important, especially to the market research industry.  After all, if we lose the trust of respondents that their personal information and opinions are safe with us, then we’ll lose their support.  And if we lose their support then we lose the very raw materials of research.

So on 28th January ESOMAR was supporting International Privacy Day and took the opportunity to share how they’d furthered the cause in 2014.  You can see exactly what they’ve been up to here, but if nothing else, I’d suggest printing off ESOMAR’s Data Protection Checklist and checking that your policies are up to scratch.

A close second…@kristinluck

Next up was Kristin Luck (@kristinluck).

kristin luck tweet

What is a growth hacker, I hear you ask.  In a nutshell, there are two bits to it.  The ‘growth’ bit – it’s someone who is obsessively focussed on growing a metric, whatever that may be (customers, viewers, users…).  Then there’s the ‘hacker’ bit – they do so like a computer hacker; using technology, creativity and a healthy disregard for the status quo.

Kristin’s Wikipedia page shows that she knows a thing or two about growth, so her session at IIeX Europe 2015 is well worth popping along to.  But if you can’t make it to Amsterdam then as an alternative you might want to check out Quick Sprout’s beautifully written and produced guide to growth hacking here.

And last but not least…@Euromonitor

In third place we have Euromonitor.

Euromonitor tweet

In this report Euromonitor’s Daphne Kasriel-Alexander shares her view on the key trends in consumer behaviour to watch out for. The full report can be downloaded here, but if you don’t have time (see trend 1 below) then in brief the 10 trends are:

  • Buying convenience: People are willing to pay a premium for things which simplify or fit into their hectic lifestyle
  • Consumption as a route to progress: People want to feel that the brands they buy are making a positive difference to the world
  • Influencers more like us: People are now more influenced by other consumers and representatives of the mainstream than they are celebrity endorsements
  • Lightweight living: People are more open to collaborative consumption and buying access rather than ownership
  • Shopping centre communities: In reaction to the ecommerce revolution, shopping centres are re-defining themselves as community hubs and centres of experience
  • Millennials: Those born between 1980 and the mid-2000s have completely different expectations of the world than other generations
  • Privacy: People are more conscious of and protective of their privacy (maybe that’s why ESOMAR’s tweet was so popular?)
  • Shopping the world: People are becoming shopping tourists, buying from abroad (online or in-person) to obtain unique goods or lower prices
  • Virtual to real and back: People are ceasing to see on- and off-line life as distinct, and instead viewing it as one experience, e.g. omni-channel retail
  • Connected health: People are increasingly monitoring their well-being digitally through devices and apps

I hope to see you next month for February’s highlights .  In the meantime, keep in touch with me through @circle_research.

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