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  1. B2B Branding Research

    By Richard -
    See how research insights can deliver a resonant, differentiated and authentic brand positioning.
    ‘Brand’ has become a dirty word in some circles. It’s seen as a fluffy concept, the preserve of FMCG marketers and no more than jargon for a logo. Many simply don’t see ‘branding’ as relevant to B2B organisations. We disagree!

    Report Summary

    This paper on B2B branding research:

    • Defines what a brand is and why it matters to B2B companies
    • Outlines the commercial benefits of having a strong brand
    • Identifies the seven key features of a strong brand
    • Details a three step process to measuring brand perceptions


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    B2B Branding Research
  2. B2B marketing channel and messaging research

    By Andrew Dalglish -

    B2B marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate clear ROI.

    This is of course much easier said than done. The B2B Leaders Report reveals that only 35% of B2B marketers feel they can effectively measure ROI from their activity.


    Report summary

    This paper on marketing channel and messaging research explores how to:

    • Identify messages and channels most likely to cut through
    • Optimise the creative execution pre-launch
    • Measure campaign impact post-launch
    • Create a feedback loop so that future campaigns benefit


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    B2B marketing channel and messaging research
  3. B2B market segmentation

    By Andrew Dalglish -

    Your target market isn’t one mass. Customers and prospects should be placed into distinct groups based on who they are, how they behave, what they want or what they think.

    Doing so can drive business growth. It identifies the most commercially attractive segments, flags new product opportunities and uncovers resonant marketing messages.


    Report Summary

    This paper on B2B market segmentation:

    • Outlines the different approaches to segmentation in B2B environments
    • Provides a step-by-step guide to adopting each approach
    • Looks at how to effectively implement and action a segmentation model
    • Provides links to B2B segmentation case studies


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    B2B market segmentation research
  4. B2B customer satisfaction research

    By Andrew Dalglish -

    In most markets customer satisfaction levels directly impact loyalty, sales and the bottom-line.

    So like anything that’s important in business, customer satisfaction needs to be actively managed.


    Report Summary

    This paper on B2B customer satisfaction research:

    • Identifies why customer satisfaction matters
    • Provides a five step process for measuring customer satisfaction
    • Outlines key questions to ask and how to make sense of the answers


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    Customer satisfaction white paper
  5. Research-Led Thought Leadership

    By Richard -

    B2B marketing has always been better suited to engagement over broadcast. Personal relationships and being active in the buyer ’s eco-system are critical.

    As part of this there’s an expectation that you’ll have something useful to say; an especially pertinent experience, fresh facts or unique insights to share.

    Those consistently doing so and coupling it with solid advice or lateral thinking become known as thought leaders.


    Report Summary

    This paper on research-led thought leadership:

    • Defines thought leadership and the benefits
    • Outlines the key steps to building a successful thought leadership campaign
    • Details the role of research throughout the process


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    Research led thought leadership