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B2B Barometer Survey: Q2 2009

We B2B marketers have historically adopted an anecdotal approach to keeping up-to-date with developments in our profession. We network with our peers, we read editorial opinion and we read expert blogs. These are of course valuable sources but by their very nature only take into account the opinion and experience of a small group of individuals. The B2B Barometer casts the net wider.

In this benchmark we canvass 100 B2B marketers collectively representing organisations with a turnover of £2.6 billion.

  • What challenges do B2B marketers face?
  • What level of confidence is there in the economy?
  • What direction are budgets moving in?
  • What channels are rising and falling in effectiveness?

Read these and other insights in the first of the B2B Barometer series.

Get stuck into the full report – B2B Barometer Q2 2009: Full report