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Circle isn’t like traditional research agencies – we couple research expertise with a deep understanding our clients’ marketing and business challenges.

To ensure we’re always at the cutting edge of developments, we’re an active member of the B2B marketing community, pioneering studies such as The B2B Benchmark Series and The B2B Barometer. We’re delighted to share highlights from these studies below alongside other reports and white papers we’ve published.

  1. Insights

    B2B Branding Research

    See how research insights can deliver a resonant, differentiated and authentic brand positioning. ‘Brand’ has become a dirty word in some circles. It’s seen as a fluffy concept, the preserve of FMCG marketers and no more than jargon for a more...
  2. B2B Benchmarking

    SEO in B2B

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    Where does search fit in the B2B marketer’s portfolio? How do they develop their SEO strategy? What tactics are having the greatest impact?

    B2B Marketing’s first annual SEO Benchmarking report reveals the answer to these and other pressing questions. At the report’s core is a survey of more than 350 B2B marketers conducted by Circle Research.

    We’re delighted to share the report’s executive summary here

  3. B2B Benchmarking

    Lead generation in B2B

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    Two fifths (41%) of B2B marketers report that their single highest marketing priority for 2012 is to generate more of the salesperson’s raw material – leads. Fair enough. After all, few brands have buyers queuing at their door so ‘hunting’ revenue has to be a key focus.

    With this in mind, B2B Marketing Magazine’s latest Benchmark report on lead generation couldn’t have come at a better time.

    We’re delighted to share Circle’s commentary on the report and an infographic here

  4. B2B Benchmarking

    Content Marketing in B2B

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    Content marketing works. Almost three fifths (56%) of the 175 B2B marketers Circle Research recently surveyed for B2B Marketing Magazine’s Content Marketing Report have seen content marketing boost sales.

    So maybe you already have a content strategy, but want to know what your peers are doing. Or perhaps you’re developing a content strategy and want some pointers. Either way, this report provides valuable guidance.

    We’re delighted to share Circle’s commentary on the report and an infographic here

  5. B2B Benchmarking

    Social Media in B2B

    The state of B2B social media

    Is social media relevant in B2B? What platforms are B2B marketers using? What metrics do they use to measure success?

    In this report we explore the state of social media in B2B, providing a clear view of the landscape and a peer-based definition of success.

    We’re delighted to share Circle’s commentary on the report and an infographic here

  6. B2B Benchmarking

    Email Marketing in B2B

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    What open and click-through rates do other B2B brands achieve? What email challenges do your peers face? What are the secrets of their success?

    B2B Marketing’s latest benchmarking report reveals the answer to these and other critical questions. It’s a must-read for any B2B marketer seeking to design or enhance their email marketing strategy.

    We’re delighted to share the report’s executive summary and an infographic here

  7. Insights

    B2B marketing channel and messaging research

    B2B marketing channel and messaging research
    B2B marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate clear ROI. This is of course much easier said than done. The B2B Leaders Report reveals that only 35% of B2B marketers feel they can effectively measure ROI from their activity.   more...
  8. Insights

    B2B market segmentation

    B2B market segmentation research
    Your target market isn’t one mass. Customers and prospects should be placed into distinct groups based on who they are, how they behave, what they want or what they think. Doing so can drive business growth. It identifies the most more...
  9. Insights

    B2B customer satisfaction research

    B2B customer satisfaction research
    In most markets customer satisfaction levels directly impact loyalty, sales and the bottom-line. So like anything that’s important in business, customer satisfaction needs to be actively managed.   Report Summary This paper on B2B customer satisfaction research: Identifies why customer more...
  10. Insights

    Research-Led Thought Leadership

    B2B marketing has always been better suited to engagement over broadcast. Personal relationships and being active in the buyer ’s eco-system are critical. As part of this there’s an expectation that you’ll have something useful to say; an especially pertinent more...

News & Views

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Survey design tips

by Andrew Dalglish
The rise of low-cost online survey platforms such as Survey Monkey has led to commensurate rise in poorly designed surveys.  That’s dangerous – it reflects poorly on the brand behind the survey and it can lead to decisions being made more...