It’s tougher being a marketer nowadays than it ever has been.  That’s what 73% of the 200 B2B marketers in the US and UK told us in the latest ‘What Works Where’ survey Circle Research conducted on behalf of Omobono.

Why? Well, some perennial challenges remain the same.  It always has been (and probably always will be) tough to get buy-in from colleagues, effectively achieve cut-through and measure ROI.

But in the last three years marketers have watched the world around them change, and they’ve had to adapt.

The channel mix has become much more complex.  88% report that they are using a wider range of channels, which stretches budgets thinner and makes adopting an integrated approach harder.  For example, spend on ‘static’ channels (e.g. website) is declining to allow investment in more interactive, dynamic channels such as mobile and social media.

And more audiences need to be reached through these channels.  65% of marketers have been tasked with reaching ‘new’ audiences, largely because businesses are in a fight for talent.  Many marketers are finding that alongside core audiences such as customers and prospects, they are now also tasked with marketing towards potential employees.

For many their remit has also become more global.  65% find themselves marketing in a wider range of territories as their organisation expands or chooses to centralise marketing.  Whilst many of the principles of marketing remain unchanged across these territories, marketers find that globalising their approach to social media poses a particular challenge.  Different cultures use different social media platforms, have different attitudes to the use of social media in business and find different topics engaging.

One thing sadly hasn’t changed – the majority of marketers find the scope of their role has expanded, but the budget available hasn’t.

You can access the full  report here –

Read more about our approach to business-to-business (B2B) marcoms and advertising research.

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