Circle Research, in partnership with MR Web, is pleased to deliver its first annual British Research Barometer (BRB), an industry study examining the opinions and issues of the UK marketing research community.  The study includes responses from over 140 UK market research professionals in both agency and client-side positions.  We included organisations ranging from SMEs to enterprise-level companies to help ensure a holistic view.

The BRB tackles the industry issues of the day while addressing the key questions of these topics:

Trends in Research Industry: Buzz versus Reality

There is a notable disparity between what the professionals think are important trends in the industry and what is, in fact, reality.  Topics like Automation, Big Data, and, of course, AI are top-of-mind recall topics in the industry.  However, what are the three (prompted) most important trends in the market research industry?

The Client/Research Agency Partnership:

Similar to the findings from the B2B Barometer (see previous blog post), research agencies and clients give each other high marks on areas of communication, ease of working with each other, and professionalism.  But a similar disconnect may be occurring in the delivery of actionable insights.  What are the factors of this potential disconnect?

Trends in Techniques and Types of Research

Online surveys have been, and will continue to be, the most used research technique, What are the other techniques that we anticipate growing in use over the next 12 months?  In terms of “types” of research studies, Brand Positioning & Tracking is the most commissioned with a modest growth over the next 12 months.

Examining the Most Important Asset: People

While we can anticipate the employees in this industry to move around (one third are actively looking for another position), small agencies have the highest level of “stickiness”.  What are the satisfaction factors that distinguish small agencies from large agencies and client-side positions?

The answers to these questions can be downloaded here.

Do you have any questions or wish to discuss the findings?  I’d love to hear from you.  Call me on +44 (0)20 7632 3504 or drop me a note at

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